In Osaka Japan in April 1946, Takeshi Godai wanted to create a high-quality, Japanese-crafted loudspeaker. He founded Onkyo, which means “sound acoustics” in Japanese, to bring his vision of sound perfection to life. The legacy of Onkyo endures after many decades. Onkyo has expanded its core of music-oriented products to become one of the most respected names in av receivers and home audio.

Home Audio

For music lovers who enjoy music in superior fidelity, Onkyo is an excellent choice. By combining high-quality components and decades of Onkyo audio know-how, your listening experience will be greatly enhanced. Onkyo specializes in premium home cinema and audio equipment, including AV receivers, surround sound speakers and portable devices. We have chosen some of the best to add to our collection for you.


The best Onkyo AV receivers deliver high-quality audio and video performance while providing a range of features and connectivity options successfully balancing quality and affordability. Onkyo Receivers are well regarded for their powerful and clear audio performance.